About Us

We are women, we are mothers, sisters, daughters, best friends, business owners recovering together. Addiction has no face it could be the person you are standing next to right now and you may never know it. Support groups are helpful to women’s recovering from addiction by building trust and lifelong friendships with other women seeking support. Providing impactful relationships from men of all walks of life. We’ve lived through the ups and downs of self-harm, anger and sadness and the struggles with finding help for addiction. We found that we do recover but we do it better together.

During recovery, a woman can tend to lash out at loved ones, isolate themselves from normal activities, destroy relationship and struggle with relapse. Relapse and false starts may happen frequently and self-doubt can make it difficult to stay focused. Your support group can offer encouragement during those times and focus on treatment to recover. Addiction can happen to anyone and for different reasons and different times. Support groups are there for every moment and step in your recovery and understand how you feel.


Recovery is different for every individual and overcoming your addiction will be challenging but, your strengths become lifelines to the group. Our goal is to provide information and support on your journey so that you don’t have to struggle the way we did.